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Please refer to the following website for medical handouts regarding topics such as Depression, High Blood Pressure, Weight Control, Birth Control, Cholesterol, and many more. This website is a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.

You may contact our office for any handouts you are unable to find or need further clarification on and our staff will provide the information directly to your account.






**we will update information and recommendations as more data becomes available**




COVID-19 Pandemic is a worldwide infection outbreak like nothing ever seen in this country before.  It is serious, highly contagious and can be severely disabling and life threatening.


Dr. Piccioni and Dr. Paulsen are highly educated about this infection.  We recommend the following:


  1. All adults greater than 18 years old get vaccinated with the MODERNA Covid vaccine NOW.  MODERNA is showing much greater effectiveness than the other two available vaccines.  MODERNA's COVID vaccine's short-term safety is now well established with greater than 300,000,000 doses already given in our country.  PLEASE separate yourself from the politics, misinformation, biased news programs and biased talk shows and go with science.  Dr. Piccioni and Dr. Paulsen have already vaccinated all staff, family and patients >18 years old who allowed for such {and most all did}.  NONE of these mentioned patients have had serious side effects from the vaccine and most all of them have good blood titers.


  1. Covid-19 Vaccine Boosters should only be given to patients having received Pfizer Covid vaccine, >6 months ago.  All should receive it as we suspect most ALL patient titers are now starting to lower.  The only way to avoid boostering at this time is to know your titer.


  1. All Moderna vaccinated individuals may need a booster but not at this time.  Dr. Piccioni and Dr. Paulsen are following the studies and their own titers.  We will notify you when the time is right.


  1. We do not recommend children under 18 be vaccinated at this time.  We prefer to wait for the following reasons:
  2. a. We are awaiting additional safety date to become available
  3. b. It is known that children tolerate and survive the infection much better than adults



  1. Continue to use good Common Sense:   
    1. Wash hands frequently
    2. Use masks when indoors and around other people.  We prefer N-95 masks.  They are far better than the masks recommended by the CDC and the only ones we will use here at TFMC.  {There are ways to sterilize and reuse them if you do it correctly.}
    3. Do not perform high risk activities like traveling outside the USA, traveling on Cruise Liners, having children sleep overs, indoor parties, etc.


  1. MODERNA Covid vaccine is readily available at local pharmacies.  To locate pharmacies, go to

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